In an increasingly competitive trade climate, with time and quality of the essence, one must have a reliable team in helping you meet and exceed your goals. At Hart Consulting Services, this is what we do...and who we are!


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Our Process


A) All parties sign the International Chamber of Commerce NCND (Non-Circumvention and Non- Disclosure) working agreement.

B) The end buyer sends us their LOI (Letter of Intent) or ICPO (Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order), this document should be on the buyer’s letterhead and should be signed and emailed by the buyer. The LOI should include the buyer’s banking details to allow the supplier to check buyer’s financial capability and Hart Consulting Service's specified commission fee.


Method of payment is usually L/C or DLC payable at sight. The L/C must be issued or confirmed by a prime International Bank acceptable by the supplier. The supplier may require, in addition, buyer’s BCL (Bank Capability or Comfort Letter).

C) On receipt of the LOI/ ICPO and BCL, the supplier will send to the buyer a Pro Forma Invoice, sales/purchase contract and/or FCO (Full Corporate Offer)

D) Once the buyer and suppliers have agreed and signed on the pro-forma invoice, FCO and/or contract, the deal is executed in compliance with the terms of the agreement.