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Chris designed and delivered a week-long Moodle workshop for faculty and staff at the University of Papua New Guinea Open College. By the conclusion of the workshop, everyone had their first course online.















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Last year, the first gloves featuring in-built antimicrobial technology was launched that focuses on the control of hospital acquired infections. The Warrior’s materials includes silver nanoparticles that brings the control of not only bacteria, but viruses and yeasts to a new level with applicable use within, but not limited to, healthcare, food industry, restaurants and hotels.


We are currently seeking a manufacturer interested in licensing our idea.





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SD LABS //  02

Chris is an official agent for SD Labs. Offering a patented nanotech based clean, disinfect and protect system targeting bacteria, viruses and mold that provides up to 90 days protection. 








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Chris has facilitated international trade of a range of products between buyer and seller. For the 2019-20 holiday season we are highlighting chicken parts that we have available for sale. 





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